Sunday, July 03, 2005

Playing with some new methods

OK. Perhaps a lot of people have done this before but this was my first time doing it. Given my proclivity for innuendo I could let you keep thinking what you probably thought upon reading the first sentence but . . . nawww. I worked on processing some photos into new art with a series of steps that I put into a PhotoShop action. Here's the results from a couple of my attempts.

and another

I also purchased some business plan software. We experienced some layoffs at work this week and I'd be lying if I said that one didn't influence me regarding the other. I'm working on my business plan. It may be that I can keep being a valuable member of the workforce at my place of employment; then again, why put all my eggs in one basket when I know that my employer isn't. Its all about numbers and at what threshhold I become expendable (like so many before me and, I'm sure, several after me.

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