Friday, September 26, 2003

Weekend - whew

OK. So its late Friday night and I finally made it through the week. I'm sure it coulda been more difficult but not more stressful or straining. Just take my word for it; this week sucked.

I picked up my desktop computer from my bro-in-law this afternoon. He fixed (yeah, yeah, I'm a programmer, remember, not a computer tech anymore). He took it to his computer business and figured out that it needed a 400+ watt power supply. After he told me what was happening, I asked for the biggest thing he had on hand so now I'm running with a 500 watt power supply. That outta power the 240 gigs of hard drives and the 1 gig of RAM and the CD burner. I know everyone is saying I should get a DVD burner as DVD players are becoming ubiquitous and I could store more on a DVD but I'm just not satisfied that a DVD burner in my computer is going to be satisfying; perhaps I'm looking for a piece that I can connect to my video out or something as well as other components and rip VHS to DVD or something. Just not sure about that move. Regardless, this computer should handle opening several 36 meg TIFF's at the same time.

Next big thrill on the digital front: I got home, got the desktop in place, connected it, booted and started installing software and connecting scanners, printers and digital camera. Suddenly when I tried to insert it into my home network all heck breaks loose. I have just rebuilt part of my webserver (all of my website) so that I can provide models with a fast and efficient online photo album they can use to look through all the photos I take during a photoshoot and select the ones they want. This functionality isn't polished and it could stand some serious work but at least now its available. Just finished it in the last 24 hours. Suddenly, the server just up and decides it can't find the C drive. Hmmmmm. Time to panic? Naw, just reboot it. Tried that. Try it again but this time let the computer sit for a few minutes. Surely enough the server finally comes back up and I can login after about 15 minutes of it loading all kinds of crap. I don't know what your experience was in trying to reach but at the local level its almost impossible. Guess I'll be making a trip back to Tim's to get him to check out the server soon.

Cindee is going to a walk tomorrow and I'm gonna take our daughter to watch Mommy. I figure I can get some good action shots, too while we're there. After that, we're gonna hit the county fair and see what's up over there. Then tomorrow night is TN vs SC (actually SC is coming to Knoxville). I'm pretty pumped after the win over Florida. We could end up having more than a winning season, we could end up wining the SEC East. At least it seems like a feasible option after seeing Georgia beat. I figured they'd own us this season but who knows.

Ah well, time to head to bed.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. - if you have around $15,000-20,000 I'd love to get another camera and some goodies for it. Just mail it to Kevin Riggs . . . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Long week

I just finished 6 photoshoots in 8 days.

  1. Model shoot at 9:00 AM Saturday 13th

  2. Wedding Rehearsal 5:00 PM Saturday 13th

  3. Wedding & Reception Sunday 14th

  4. Model shoot Tuesday 16th

  5. Model shoot Thursday 18th

  6. Supposed to go to Wedding as backup photographer but daughter was sick with 102 degree fever

  7. Model shoot Sunday 21st

Each shoot consists of at least 400 exposures (some were more than 1,000 frames). Each exposure takes at least 5 minutes to process and normally more like 10+ minutes. You can see that my time quickly becomes taking and editing photos. I had to work on my server to get my photo ordering website working so that the models can order their copies of the photos (if we are shooting TFP).

I'm enjoying the work and I feel like I've found 3 valuable models who have more than just good looks to commend them as models. They have some measure of personality that transcends the photographs to allow the viewer to feel like they're making contact. I like shooting these 3 models especially as the only thing that hinders the output is my own ability so far.

I'm still looking to get a studio and it looks like it'll have to be at my house as I don't want to lease a location in the city (man, what kind of money would I need to be making to make that profitable). I'm getting more pleasant results with my portraits lately and I think that I need to start shooting some studio work and some fake advertisements if I ever really want to pursue commercial regional work. I'd love to actually photograph a couple of regional ads and maybe get some contracts to do test work for local modeling agencies but I don't feel like I can begin to solicit that kind of work without a decent studio and some decent lighting. Ah well, that too will come in time.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. - Tennessee Volunteers beat Florida in the Swamp. Way to go Vols!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Talk about Random

Boy, it sure has been a long time since I posted. Lot's happened since then and right now my time feels about as frenetic as it can get. My daughter can now pull herself up to stand on her own, she says "Da da" occasionally, a friend got married, I've gotten a couple of photoshoots in and we made it through the first 2 weeks of the NFL season.

Katie is growing up fast and if I remember my own childhood I'm sure she's chomping at the bit just wanting everything to happen faster so that she'll not have to rely on Mommy or Daddy to take the time to come over and pick her up or get something for her. As for me, WOW. I just wish everything would slow down a bit so that I could spend some time with her. Luckily I get to keep her tomorrow night. It'll be nice to have Mommy out of the house for awhile so Katie and I can just relax and do Pop & Daughter stuff like brushing the hair and blowing spit bubbles. Besides, when am I supposed to take advantage of her natural childish exuberance for farting if not at this age. She now has 2 teeth (both bottom center teeth) and she is absolutely the perfect baby. I've already told Cindee that I want 2 more just like her. Not so sure she's up for that but . . . .

The photography is going better than I have any reason to expect. I've gotten 5 models and 6 shoots under my belt and I'm starting to feel much more relaxed and comfortable when we shoot. My shots are closer to production quality directly out of the camera with little to no processing required for a decent portion of the shots. I have 4 sessions scheduled with models over the next week and one wedding to shoot this weekend. Who knows if I'll ever make a dime off this (Lord knows I've spent several dimes on it already) but it is rejuvenating for my spirit. It's great to look at a well taken and produced photograph of a lovely model and know that I had the lion's share of creating that image (of course the model is there but if everyone could get the exact look out of a model then you wouldn't have premier photographers would you). It's good to feel like I can help a model relax and we can work together to generate an artistic shot that evokes some feeling in the viewer.

The friend that introduced Cindee and me just got married this last weekend. Sarah Stein married Stephen Shelbourne. I like both of them. Steve seems to be a regular guy with a good perspective on life for his age. I hope they're enjoying the junk outta their honeymoon right now.

So the Titans lost to Indianapolis. I guess I should care a little more but I figure they can make that up over the season. I'm actually more interested in McNair's finger and the rehabilitation of it. Watched Dallas go up to New York last night and take on the G-men. Long, loooonnnnngggg game (lasted from 9:00 EST until 1:00 EST) but it had several sparks that kept me watching through the dull moments. I do like Fassel and the Giants more than Dallas (say it ain't so, guess I grew up) but I was happy to see Parcells get a win on his first trip taking Dallas back into his old house.

Well, that's about it. I'll be posting more photos from the modeling sessions on my PBase account ( so take a look when you have time and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

F*%#ing Tennessee Football

OK. Let's get all the young, flashy superstar kids to stop reading. I'm 35 years old and don't want to invest any money in purchasing season tickets or helping the program so all you're gonna hear from me is bitching or cheering - not the bling bling.

Now that those candy-assed, loud-mouthed wannabes have told their college tutors to stop reading the webpage to them I can actually get to the point.

I've been a Tennessee Volunteer fan every year out of my 35 that I can remember. I've either had Orange and White toys or worn Orange and White every f*#%ing year for 35 years. Then some limp d*^k, loud-mouthed pu$@y like Kelly Washington comes along and because he's fast or flashy he thinks he's bigger than the program. Ya know what, he's not. Hell, no one's bigger than the program. You wanna know why we LOVE Payton Manning even though he never won the national title? Because while the rest of the fu$#ing nation was touting him as the second coming of Christ, he remembered that UT was here before his daddy (Archie), it was here whether he came back for a fourth year or not and UT is still here for hundreds of thousands of us (if not millions) even after he's gone off to Indianapolis. We love Tee Martin for the same reason. Shit! Tee had heart. When that team was expected to be lackluster because Jesus himself had just walked off the grounds and headed to the NFL, Tee stepped up and you saw a team gel. That wasn't 11 individuals out there on the field, mutherf$#@er! It was a team. T E A M. They played with heart and picked each other up. God d@m#! Who the hell wanted Leonard Little or Al Wilson. They were too f#(king slow and too small to be linebackers in the NFL. Well, guess what you showy shit. They are playing on Sundays only because they have heart. They stuck it out in the trenches and hit people in the f#(king mouth and weren't afraid of any damn body coming into Neyland Stadium.

So F#(k you and your 4.0 speed.

F#(k you and your 450 lbs bench press.

You wanna know when you'll get some respect? When you f#(king earn it.

When the pansy-assed Thundering Herd shows up on your doorstep and you don't knock someone out of the game after they make a 96-yard touchdown drive, you'll get no respect from me or anyone else in the NCAA. You know what, football is a contact sport. F#(king contact someone. Bones heal. Blood dries. Knock someone the fuck out of the game! Knock them down; knock the shit outta them. Hit them, hit them, hit them. Play fundamental ball. Don't give that fast MF a 5 yard cushion just to show how fast you can close. Shut him the hell down coming off the line. Shoot the gaps and break someone's spirit by knocking their punter out of the game. Hell, there are enough games in a season. He'll heal up and come back to play in someone else's stadium. Where the hell is the Dick Butkus.

Flash and speed gets other young players to come to TN in the upcoming years so that they, too, can show off. Hard-nosed football that bloodies someone else's jersey or brings a stretcher out on the field wins national championships. I'm not talking about killing someone. I'm talking about demoralizing the other team through attrition! Bust their mouths. Break an arm or two. Give someone a concussion. F#(K! If they were gonna have a career in football, they'd have been recruited in your place and they would be at the F#(King Holy Hill! They would be dressing in righteous Orange And White instead of you.


Edit - 7:30 (with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter)

Well, well. It looks like the Fulmer staff was able to challenge the team during halftime. In the second half Tennessee held Marshall to -7 for the 3rd quarter and knocked Marshall's starting quarterback out of the game. They also beat the heck outta the backup QB. Actually, Constantine Ritzman was all over the backup QB.

Now, do I respect the heart of the Marshall players? Sure. They kept trying to fight back. Should TN have stomped their collective team heart flat in the first quarter instead of waiting 'til the 4th quarter? Yes! I hope Stan Hill (Marshall QB) recoups and beats the hell outta some teams but that's the way football should be played. He should be hit and hit and hit again until he can't play in our stadium. Then he can recoup and play against another team. I don't say this because I believe Tennessee is better than any other team. I say this to in hopes that Tennessee will get better than any other team. Defend your house! Protect that endzone and at the end of the game, if you've shut down your opponent and you've scored even a little, you'll win. Away games are a different story. I'm talking about playing a 2nd tier team (at best) in our stadium. Knock some people silly and make them respect you; don't just expect that they'll be dazzled by your speed or your reps in the weight room. Stan Hill showed he's a warrior with heart. Anyone can respect that. Tennessee showed that he just can't walk on the field at Neyland and not expect to pay a price.

Good job Defense. Good job Cedric Houston, Troy Fleming, Mark Jones and James Banks. Good job O-line for protecting the QB and opening running lanes. Good job to the coaching staff for helping to raise the level of intensity after the first half. I actually saw a little blood on someone's uniform in the Herd's huddle. Now that's old school football fundamentals. Knock 'em down until they don't or can't get back up again.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Sick baby


Katie was sick last night. We thought she was just teething Tuesday night but it looks like she was coming down with her first cold. The real nuisance (for her) is that she developed ear infections with the cold and everytime she lies down, pressure builds up in her inner ear and hurts her like she's in a pressurized atmosphere. She doesn't know how to clear her ears yet so she just cries. Then Cindee or I hold her upright and the pressure is alleviated. Last night either Cindee or I sat up with Katie all night long so that she didn't have to lie down to sleep. We're both worn out. The doctor gave us a prescription for the infection and some drops to help reduce the pressure in her ears so that she can sleep. Hopefully tonight won't be a repeat as I'm not sure either Cindee or I could take another night like the last 2 and still be able to work in the morning.
Speaking of, back to the grindstone.


Monday, September 01, 2003

Labor Day weekend

Well, we just got through Labor Day weekend and it was pretty full for us. Nothing spectacular but we did have 3 other couples over on Saturday from 3:00 - 9:00 or so. We slept in late on Sunday with all three of us in Mommy and Daddy's bed (that was totally cool). We went to Art In The Park in Marietta, GA on Sunday. We had a lazy morning Monday and got out of the house late. We went and swam. Cindee and I had fun swimming with our daughter and I even got some pics of here (you can see them on her website later). Ya know, sometimes I stop and focus just long enough to realize just how blessed I am. I definitely want more children in my life. Another daughter and son, perhaps. That plus many years to share life with Cindee. But, for right now I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful, healthy daughter, a job that I like again, a hobby that gives me something else to focus on (no pun intended) and re-energize myself and friends to share all these things with.