Thursday, February 22, 2007

Job Changes

I was promoted several months ago from being a developer to being a system analyst. I expected some changes to my routine but some things have kind of snuck up on me. Over the last few months I've spent a fairly large amount of time and effort in understanding systems and then helping people to see a bigger picture than just what they're working on. During this time I've done more testing of others' statements and methods than ever previously. I've helped others in their testing methods or, in some cases, refered vendors to their own documentation to refute directions they provided to us. I no longer write as much code and test it for bugs; my work now consists more of processes and reviewing larger systems than just my own. Its a nice divergence from what I've done for years but it caused me a bit of frustration feeling that others could be more responsible for themselves until I finally took the time to look back over what we've accomplished and realize the part I had to play was different and I feel that its part of the changed job responsibilities.

Just doing my stuff right isnt' the name of the game; seeing more of the big picture and helping others to see it, too, is what I'm working through now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Long time no post

I spent most of 2006 either working on IT projects for my career or working on photography projects for my business. Neither of these is a great outlet for creativity and expression since both dictate operating for others' satisfaction.

I've learned more about a particular document management program than I ever wanted to know but I've enjoyed writing some little apps along the way.

Several families engaged us for their weddings, children and family portraits and I can say that if I have another year like my last one at work I'll probably let the photography business go except for a few friends; its just too labor intensive when coupled with my IT profession.

I look forward to taking some time and shooting some material that I enjoy (mostly working with teens who are fun and enjoy sessions or more mature people who are willing to work for the image I have in mind).

We have another baby on the way who'll make an appearance in a few weeks so I have to paint and furnish another room in the house in short order.