Friday, February 16, 2007

Long time no post

I spent most of 2006 either working on IT projects for my career or working on photography projects for my business. Neither of these is a great outlet for creativity and expression since both dictate operating for others' satisfaction.

I've learned more about a particular document management program than I ever wanted to know but I've enjoyed writing some little apps along the way.

Several families engaged us for their weddings, children and family portraits and I can say that if I have another year like my last one at work I'll probably let the photography business go except for a few friends; its just too labor intensive when coupled with my IT profession.

I look forward to taking some time and shooting some material that I enjoy (mostly working with teens who are fun and enjoy sessions or more mature people who are willing to work for the image I have in mind).

We have another baby on the way who'll make an appearance in a few weeks so I have to paint and furnish another room in the house in short order.

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