Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Long week

I just finished 6 photoshoots in 8 days.

  1. Model shoot at 9:00 AM Saturday 13th

  2. Wedding Rehearsal 5:00 PM Saturday 13th

  3. Wedding & Reception Sunday 14th

  4. Model shoot Tuesday 16th

  5. Model shoot Thursday 18th

  6. Supposed to go to Wedding as backup photographer but daughter was sick with 102 degree fever

  7. Model shoot Sunday 21st

Each shoot consists of at least 400 exposures (some were more than 1,000 frames). Each exposure takes at least 5 minutes to process and normally more like 10+ minutes. You can see that my time quickly becomes taking and editing photos. I had to work on my server to get my photo ordering website working so that the models can order their copies of the photos (if we are shooting TFP).

I'm enjoying the work and I feel like I've found 3 valuable models who have more than just good looks to commend them as models. They have some measure of personality that transcends the photographs to allow the viewer to feel like they're making contact. I like shooting these 3 models especially as the only thing that hinders the output is my own ability so far.

I'm still looking to get a studio and it looks like it'll have to be at my house as I don't want to lease a location in the city (man, what kind of money would I need to be making to make that profitable). I'm getting more pleasant results with my portraits lately and I think that I need to start shooting some studio work and some fake advertisements if I ever really want to pursue commercial regional work. I'd love to actually photograph a couple of regional ads and maybe get some contracts to do test work for local modeling agencies but I don't feel like I can begin to solicit that kind of work without a decent studio and some decent lighting. Ah well, that too will come in time.

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P.S. - Tennessee Volunteers beat Florida in the Swamp. Way to go Vols!

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