Thursday, September 04, 2003

Sick baby


Katie was sick last night. We thought she was just teething Tuesday night but it looks like she was coming down with her first cold. The real nuisance (for her) is that she developed ear infections with the cold and everytime she lies down, pressure builds up in her inner ear and hurts her like she's in a pressurized atmosphere. She doesn't know how to clear her ears yet so she just cries. Then Cindee or I hold her upright and the pressure is alleviated. Last night either Cindee or I sat up with Katie all night long so that she didn't have to lie down to sleep. We're both worn out. The doctor gave us a prescription for the infection and some drops to help reduce the pressure in her ears so that she can sleep. Hopefully tonight won't be a repeat as I'm not sure either Cindee or I could take another night like the last 2 and still be able to work in the morning.
Speaking of, back to the grindstone.


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