Friday, September 26, 2003

Weekend - whew

OK. So its late Friday night and I finally made it through the week. I'm sure it coulda been more difficult but not more stressful or straining. Just take my word for it; this week sucked.

I picked up my desktop computer from my bro-in-law this afternoon. He fixed (yeah, yeah, I'm a programmer, remember, not a computer tech anymore). He took it to his computer business and figured out that it needed a 400+ watt power supply. After he told me what was happening, I asked for the biggest thing he had on hand so now I'm running with a 500 watt power supply. That outta power the 240 gigs of hard drives and the 1 gig of RAM and the CD burner. I know everyone is saying I should get a DVD burner as DVD players are becoming ubiquitous and I could store more on a DVD but I'm just not satisfied that a DVD burner in my computer is going to be satisfying; perhaps I'm looking for a piece that I can connect to my video out or something as well as other components and rip VHS to DVD or something. Just not sure about that move. Regardless, this computer should handle opening several 36 meg TIFF's at the same time.

Next big thrill on the digital front: I got home, got the desktop in place, connected it, booted and started installing software and connecting scanners, printers and digital camera. Suddenly when I tried to insert it into my home network all heck breaks loose. I have just rebuilt part of my webserver (all of my website) so that I can provide models with a fast and efficient online photo album they can use to look through all the photos I take during a photoshoot and select the ones they want. This functionality isn't polished and it could stand some serious work but at least now its available. Just finished it in the last 24 hours. Suddenly, the server just up and decides it can't find the C drive. Hmmmmm. Time to panic? Naw, just reboot it. Tried that. Try it again but this time let the computer sit for a few minutes. Surely enough the server finally comes back up and I can login after about 15 minutes of it loading all kinds of crap. I don't know what your experience was in trying to reach but at the local level its almost impossible. Guess I'll be making a trip back to Tim's to get him to check out the server soon.

Cindee is going to a walk tomorrow and I'm gonna take our daughter to watch Mommy. I figure I can get some good action shots, too while we're there. After that, we're gonna hit the county fair and see what's up over there. Then tomorrow night is TN vs SC (actually SC is coming to Knoxville). I'm pretty pumped after the win over Florida. We could end up having more than a winning season, we could end up wining the SEC East. At least it seems like a feasible option after seeing Georgia beat. I figured they'd own us this season but who knows.

Ah well, time to head to bed.

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P.S. - if you have around $15,000-20,000 I'd love to get another camera and some goodies for it. Just mail it to Kevin Riggs . . . .

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