Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday afternoon break

OK. I'm taking a break to add this to my BLOG.

Busy weekend. I spent most of Friday night in Kinkos getting business cards printed and release forms for photography produced. I now have full color photos on my business cards and I have professionally prepared model and property release forms that are two-part, carbonless forms so that I get the original and the model or property owner gets a copy of the contract. The cards were supposed to be ready at 10:00. I went back at 11:30 and had to wait about an hour and they had to print some of them a second time as the cutter was off and it created an odd angle on the cards.

Saturday I had a class in portrait photography from Pat & Tom Cory. They live here in Chattanooga but the class was in Huntsville. I learned some and did my first shoot with both preschoolers, young elementary aged children and two teens. Several good photos so go see them out at PBase ( Look in the portrait class folder at the top of the page. Got back home and downloaded the photos to my desktop computer. Copyrighted them, thumbnailed them and then took the family up to my Mom's to watch the TN game. We lost to Auburn. I wasn't a happy camper and we were all tired so we left a little early.

Sunday we just had a lazy day. My server died during the night (I think from trying to host so many pictures for models (average about 400-800 photos per photoshoot). I worked to setup my computer to host the domains for a couple of days but I need that server back to keep on hosting the pictures and letting models select the photos for me to work on.

Well, back to work for me. This was a nice little break.

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