Friday, March 18, 2005

Building a portfolio

I'm working with a young lady to build a portfolio for her. Here's a shot from last night's session.

Its taken several sessions to get many good images for her portfolio. I'm surprised at how many shots I still end up taking to get anything approaching outstanding work. We also tried to get a capture that I've been working on.

Lots of photography coming up: Easter Egg photos for kids with the Easter Bunny followed by modeling shoots on 3 consecutive days. I think I'll be so over photography by next Wednesday.

I did get another light today, though. Its an AlienBees B-400 and I'm using it for my fill light and have moved one of my B-800's to background/kicker status so that my accent lighting is evenly matched across the composition. This 4th light really has opened up another level of lighting.

I'm loathe to say much about work since apparently some people have gotten busted (though not where I work) for commenting on the careers in blogs. My work seems to be going outstandingly well right now. That's based on the exponential growth of responsibility and reliance placed upon me in a system that we're analyzing and designing. I'm LOVING this stage of the system. Query the users, interrogate their methods and map their work. Understand what they do so that I can help choose or develop something that enhances their workflow and makes their jobs more efficient and easier for them. Now this is great. Of course, as with just about anything that's good & good for you, its about triple the rest of my workload. Its very cerebral and I actually go home mentally tired but MAN is it enjoyable.

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