Monday, February 04, 2008

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo - who'll "own" the Internet?

On Sunday, David Drummond, the Sr VP of Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer for Google posted to Google's blog about Microsoft's $45 billion bid for Yahoo. Interspersed with his rhetorical statements and calls on governments to investigate the potential for unfair trade practices he characterizes the discussion as being about the inherent "freedom" of the Internet.

Google has offered to help Yahoo "fend off" this offer and Yahoo appears to be considering this option.

This topic may have strong impact in the future of SaaS (Software as a Service) since Google provides online spreadsheets, documents and PDF viewers that can be shared between users and Microsoft has been expanding the use of Internet availability and application sharing within it's Office suite for some time.

Fortune's blog that lead me to Google's post.

Reuter's article in which Microsoft is attributed as saying that it expects a response from Yahoo's Board of Directors quickly.

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