Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Focus & Fine Arts

So I had a class at work recently. It was Advanced Data Modeling and I got to share it with an acquaintance . . . I struggle to define the relationship. I always consider friends to be someone you hang out with outside of work but more and more I find that I have few or no people who meet that criteria. Must I change my definition of friendship or devote more efforts towards being a friend? Hmmm. Well, perhaps this very post is evidence of what this person mentioned to me. He directed a singular remark towards my focus. Not lack of focus, per se, just my focus. It wasn't a single comment; it was singular, thusly rendered by the implications or inferences that it seemingly brought with it and laid neatly on the table at which we sat. In my annual review I heard more comments that when put together seem to drive in the same general direction (eg. my focus). I suppose its time to direct some of my attention towards commanding more of my own mental energies. Its much more enjoyable dally sometimes but it seems that the level of dalliance to which I've attained may be a detraction.

On another note the side business (read splitting of mental, emotional and financial energies) seems to be picking up speed again. More weddings, events and model shoots lately and many more calls about scheduling events and reserving dates in advance. Why the hell did I want to do this? Just to prove that I could excel at something else? Just to impress someone or something? I still don't remember for the life of me why. I remember the intense desire to create something that I felt others connected with and were moved by but surely paints would cost less. Pencils for that matter. Oh yeah, I tried those before (along with charcoal drawings) and the results left something to be desired. Well, I finally shot something that falls into the category of fine art. I'm not saying I shot it well. I'm just saying that I shot something that in my opinion is tasteful and attractive. I will be presenting several images that are similar in elemental design to the one shown below. Hopefully I'll find some buyers but I've decided that due to the immense amounts of money and emotional effort that have gone into the images I will set a price on them that I initially felt was too high and if no one wants them then I'm out nothing. The more I think of what I and my family sacrificed for me to develop the skills just to produce this level of work the easier I'm finding it to pick a price tag and just say the heck with it. If someone likes my work, they can support my efforts by paying for a copy. Without further ado, here's my first attempt at fine art.

You can click the image for a larger version.

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