Friday, October 26, 2007

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management or ECM is a concept that I'm working on now. I expect this to be a learning process where things I think I know now are challenged both by the more data I gather and changes to current information paradigms and governance.

Background: my experience has been with Open Text's LiveLink eDocs system (I started back before they purchased Hummingbird when the product was PC Docs). I have several years of experience in this product and am fluent in extending and administrating its management for multiple users across multiple locations.

While I plan to share content on my experiences with the principles of ECM, document management (DM), business process management (BPM) and information lifecycle management (ILM), I will refrain from discussing particular situations that might tend to compromise the value and security of companies that have trusted me to implement, extend or administrate their IP via these tools and concepts.

WARNING: I am verbose and while I have to limit my communication and check my content while working, this outlet is an opportunity for me to express myself and explain whatever it is I'm presenting so don't expect me to limit things too much.

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