Monday, July 26, 2004

Sharing Hobbies

I just signed up for revitalizing the camera club here at my workplace.  Its kinda funny.  I don't really want to go to the local camera club as I just don't feel accomplished enough and I don't have near the eye that others have.  Thinking of setting up a camera club here at work was a fun idea at one time (for about a day) and then I started thinking how its going to keep on being a monthly task to do and I decided to scrap it.  Next thing I know people are asking if I'm going ahead with this.  I guess I did it as much because it seems like people would like to have something they can come to once or twice and feel a part of something larger and because people would like to benefit from someone else putting time in each month to build a body of skilled people who are readily available to answer the nitpicky little questions.  I'm not trying to be pesimistic; it just reads that way.  I figure what the heck.  I'm going to learn by having to prepare and teach a 15-minute "class".  I need to learn to cut down on the thoughts I share with people anyway so I'll benefit from having to make sure I know something (like doing experiments to prove the differences in smaller apertures over time and larger apertures for shallow DOF or something like that) as well as benefitting because I have to cut down my presentation to 15 minutes.  This exercise should also be beneficial to me if I can help someone else to understand the tradeoffs between one media and another or one format and another or even one manufacturer and another.  I'm not talking Canon over FujiFilm or Nikon or whatever but just me developing a well-rounded background in multiple areas and then being able to share that with other users.  As I help others see their options perhaps I can benefit collaterally and learn to be more directed in my communication and more open-minded in my evaluations.

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