Friday, August 06, 2004

Funny little group fight on City of Heroes last night

For those of you interested you missed a funny, funny session of CoH last night. What's so funny you may ask. Well, as Eric, Bryan (a friend of ours), Rachel (some player we'd never met but were teamed up with) and I were traveling down a road replete with enemies we all noticed some superhero dude bouncing like the Incredible Hulk (tm). He apparently chose to bound into a group of 10-12 mobs and take off again. This action upset their otherwise quiet repose and enticed them to give chase. On his next contact with the asphalt our erstwhile hero landed in a similar group and doubled the number of his feral followers. As he touched down for a third time he lit up the final street gang in sight and had somewhere between 30 and 45 mobs chasing him. Now our little team of 4 heros had been about to start a fight with the first 10 or so bad guys when they were taunted by the concrete-buckling leaps of this interloper. To show just how intelligent we all were, we had, without discussion, all chosen to follow along as the crowd grew. Suddenly after the bouncy freak's 3rd landing he bounded over a very high wall which caused the computer controlled gangs to lose interest and begin to disperse back to their little piece of the street. Hmmm . . . now why would that be a problem? I wonder . . . . Oh yeah! Because the four of us were standing immediately in their path.

At this juncture it might be worthwhile to point out that Bryan's character cannot kill anything quickly. Not a fly, not an ant. He's built for the long haul and designed to wear down an opponent. Eric's character is designed to fight all on her own but not when surrounded by 30 or 40 mobs. The young lady that was along with us had chosen a character who's main mission is support; her job is to protect the other members of her team. My character is designed for one main purpose: to heal my teammates.

Yeah, OK. So back to the story. We have about 40 mobs bearing down on us and only 2 chars that have any hope of dishing out punishment. As the team member who always trails the team (so that I don't get killed, in which case I can then heal no one) I got a perfect opportunity to see Eric's char continue to run at the mobs for just a second, pull up short and then start running backwards. It became comical just about the time his char turned around to run directly at me and I saw his life bar drop to about 50% as he got hit by the front wave of mobs who had ranged attack. Bryan's character went down without a heal from me because I was trying to keep Eric alive long enough to get him out of the tidal wave of street violence. I decided the best thing I could do was run and try to teleport him out of the fight but before the teleportation finished he was killed. The young lady was gone with the merest whimper as I tossed a heal or two at her but she never turned to run.

The next two fights were similarly humorous but not on such a grand scale. I can only hope that Eric managed to get a screen capture of all those mobs headed for him before he bit the big one.

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