Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm having an affair (???)

So I'm out at a photoshoot Sunday afternoon when I called my wife to just check in and talk while I waited for the model to change into another outfit. She says that she's just had a disturbing phone call. Apparently someone named Suzy called my house to tell my wife that I was having an affair with her. Uhnn hunh?!? Riiiiiight (you should hear me drawl it - typing doesn't do it justice).

For the record, I'm not having an affair and my wife had confidence in our fidelity and kept her wits about her and simply asked when was the most recent time I had been "creepin' around". Apparently Suzy's answer was something to the effect of "Right, bitch, don't f**kin' believe me. Yo man's been wid me." It appears she was a younger person of less than stellar grammar skills. My wife asked again and Suzy identified the night before (Saturday) as the last time we'd been together. My wife laughed since a truer account of my Saturday evening was watching TV with the family, playing a computer game, enjoying the fact that my wife isn't as innocent as she appears to be and then falling asleep only to awaken to some indigestion in the middle of the night. I subsequently fell back asleep and slept until fairly late Sunday morning. By the time we'd finished the next segment of photos my wife had received a follow up call from Suzy's mother or older sister who apologized for the prior behavior and promised that the instigator would receive appropriate punishment for her breach of etiquette.

It was nice to not have to worry since I haven't even talked to another woman. Frankly I couldn't prove my innocence as you can't prove a negative but I'm happy that my wife believed that I'd stay true to her.

So, in the spirit of mirth with which Suzy called my home I'd just like to happily say to Suzy, "Kiss my rosy ass you sweet little moron." I'm sure you got some fun out of that but it was an immature prank to pull on someone. Call Moe's next time and ask if he has "Amanda Kissinhug" or "I.P. Freely" or "Seymor Butts" or . . . .

BTW, a new addition to the BLOG is the small e-mail envelope. You can now click that to e-mail one of my blog posts to someone.

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