Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sometimes it gets whelming

I haven't posted in two weeks. It isn't that I had nothing interesting going on or that I had no time. I just sometimes find it laborious to limit myself and I don't like to post such long blog entries that people have to fight through. Here's a condensed history:

Tennessee Volunteers looked impressive. They've maintained their winning tendancies over the last few years but they seldom looked impressive in doing so. Often they had to score alot in the final minutes of a game to make up a deficit or they ended up seeing a large lead shrink to almost nothing. Their first game of the 2004-2005 season was a heartening victory over UNLV where two true freshmen quarterbacks played. Both young men performed admirably and it looks like either will make a great leader on the field.

Couple of new photoshoots; you can see them at I like shooting portraits; its fun for me. I have a studio photoshoot scheduled for the first week in October. I wanted to schedule a trip to Savannah for an early fall beach session. I was going to meet a local model down there, bring along a model from my area and shoot a set for another model who would have been traveling up to the most haunted city in America but alas not everyone could make it. Now I'm changed and will be working my second studio shoot. I'm excited as it will be multiple models and while I will get some good individual shots and some hopefully solid fashion shots, I also hope to shoot some more artistically expresssive work. The kinda stuff that people look at and ask, "Why is that model over there holding that wand and that large stuffed frog" or something like that (it really depends on what props the model actually happens to be holding).

A friend came into town. A guy that Eric and I shared a bachelor pad with many years ago. Its fun hanging out with everyone but only for a little while. I'm just too staid. I like being at home and hanging out with the family. Last week Eric and I took our families out to the mall so the girls could play around the indoor playground while the women sat and talked. That was pretty fun. Sitting around playing StarWars (tm) Galaxies (tm) with 4 or 5 guys watching over your shoulder can become . . . boring. I'm glad to see the guys and hang out one night watching JK kill stuff in StarWars(tm) Knights of the Old Republic (tm) (KotOR) can be fun but it quickly pales beside going home with the family most nights and getting out to shoot a little once a week or so.

I'm almost finished with my project at work. Well, "finished" is a misnomer. I'm ready to turn it over to the users next week and let them start testing it for business rules, workflow and user interface. Yay!!!

Guess that's all.

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