Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More equipment - lights

Just took another plunge. I ordered a set of Alien Bees (http://alienbees.com/index2.htm) B800's along with Bogen-Manfrotto 13' light stands and LiteDome PhotoFlex large softboxes. I finally feel that I can consistently generate high quality photos. I'm ready to take a step into professional photography. So far I've done most of my work as a learning or artistic experience. Now I'm ready to work towards putting a studio in place. It'll take me some time to pay my way back out of the debt I've gotten into (or the debt that I want to get into to get the premium grade equipment that I want to use) but I think I'm ready to assume that responsibility. I went ahead and ordered the lights because I have a commissioned photoshoot coming up as well as a studio session where I would have had to rent lights anyway. I also have an on-location shoot to do for an organization where I'll be selling prints right on site. Hopefully I can pickup enough money between now and Christmas to offset most of the cost of the lights.

I know that the AB's aren't Broncolor, Profoto or Elinchroms (the lights for one of those brands cost as much as the whole setup I just ordered) but I think that they'll get me through until I recoup the cost of the AB's and then I can look at adding to the equipment locker. I'm looking forward to building a good little business.

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