Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New (Side) Job

You ever had someone who wouldn't normally carry on much of a conversation just hit you up out of the blue to talk about something? I was working on something with a person I see once ever few weeks and suddenly there was an interest in my photography hobby. That turned to discussion of other photography ideas and finally came full circle back to working on a collaborative effort that this person had come up with. I mentioned something along these lines to this person and asked how much I'd need to pay for his/her services several months ago but that had fallen by the wayside so I hadn't thought anything else about it. Now it looks like I have a good business opportunity. I think we have an idea that is marketable; it just remains for us to figure out how to market it and make money off of it. Perhaps you'll read about it in an upcoming BLOG entry if we get it going.

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