Friday, August 20, 2004

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and things

Yes that's true, which are reading now was composed using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and a headset. I'm talking, the computer is typing. This is a pretty cool way to blog.

I picked this software up because recently I've been asked to critique numerous photos and typing just wasn't getting the job done fast enough. I also was recently asked to write a tutorial on modeling photography, and I felt that a multipage document would go faster with speech to text. I found that I tend to pause and compose my thoughts and the computer takes that as an opportunity to place a comma into the text. Perhaps I will have to change my mode of dictation or teach the computer to understand my halting speech.

Katie is over 18 months now, and she's beginning to move into that time of life where she has nothing but nervous energy. She doesn't want to settle down. She wants to be on the go all the time I definitely need to trick my wife into having another child (oops. I mean, negotiate) before our daughter's behavior becomes to wearing.

I am getting older. Yesterday (August 19) was my 36th birthday. It was a good day; of course, according to what accounts were told me years ago it was a day and I either enjoyed or didn't. It was neither good nor bad merely a 24-hour period of time. It was nice to commemorate the event with my wife, my daughter, my mother and stepfather and my wife's parents. I got a phone call from my father who is out-of-town so I had an opportunity to share with the people mean the most to me; that's a day that I enjoy.

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