Sunday, February 20, 2005

Career & Hobby

Work is going well lately. I found a solution that saved weeks of annoying messages popping up for end users. The last time the corporation upgraded users' software users had to make extra clicks every time they opened Word or Excel and those are two apps my business clients use everyday. I saved them that PITA. Good deal. To top that off, the application that I inherited from two other developers that has dragged on for months and months is finally going into Production in the next couple of weeks. Thank God!

The hobby is starting to pickup. I'm meeting people for wedding consultations and I'm getting pretty busy now that I have a studio where I can shoot high-quality images for people. Don't get me wrong, I like shooting outdoors and I enjoy the challenges that come with that but nothing helps my confidence like producing a relatively high number of keepers with even less frames shot. That is a direct function of being able to control all the lighting and background. I'm already wanting more furniture and a couple more lights, too. I shot today with a co-worker and I'm happy with what we produced. I have a couple of sessions this week after work and more next weekend. I'm starting to get booked a month or more in advance now. This is awesome. I just have to be satisfied with what I can offer and remember to save time for my wife and daughter.

Here's one of the photos from today. Click the image to be taken to the gallery where you can see all the images.

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