Monday, February 07, 2005

Sick daughter; busy weekend - lingerie

Got home Friday afternoon. Sat down in the floor to color with my daughter and we had less than 30 minutes together before she erupted like Vesuvius. She was on the carpet so I picked her up to reassure her that she was alright (she'd only thrown up once before I didn't know if she'd know what was going on). Yep, there came the next wave. Got me all over the front of my shirt. And before I knew it, there came the next round and it was all over my shoulder and down the back of my shirt. I handed her to her Mommy and she got to clean up the kid while Daddy stripped down to clean up the clothes and the floor. Fast forward 90 minutes and we're all back downstairs where she's held down small doses of Pedialyte. She gets up to run and -SMACK- there comes the next load. At least she didn't have as much to let loose with this time. She heads back upstairs to cleanup again and I took another go at the floor (thankfully this time almost all of it was on the kitchen floor).

Saturday I had to getup, get ready, setup the studio for an 11:00 AM shoot (photo to follow) and prepare for a mad dash to my evening shoot. Yep, I shot some portfolio work for a young lady from 11:00 'til about 2:30 and then left the house shortly after 3:00 to go to an event where I photographed (with my friend) the banquet attendees (hey, its contract work and it pays). I rolled into home about 12:30 am Sunday morning. Unload the van, setup the computer again and grab a bite to eat before heading to bed. Sunday I got up, got ready and rebuilt the studio that I had to tear down Saturday. I had a 1:00 pm shoot scheduled (photo to follow). The young lady called me just before the session and asked if it was OK to bring a friend. Sure, given that we'd already worked together before and I felt comfortable with her I didn't think it'd be a problem at all (see this shoot was for me; it wasn't for her portfolio or anything). They showed up and we shot for about 90 minutes or maybe a little longer and her friend had been making some comments about the shots and how she liked several of the poses and what we were getting. At one point I think she kidded the model about wearing spike heels (Yeah, I had her in 5" FMP's) and I joked with her saying that if she wasn't careful we'd get her in the shoot, too. She responded and seemed eager to join in. I figured what the heck, sounds good to me. We finished out the set with both of them and I'm very happy with the work we produced. I'm still not thrilled because I know there are girls & guys out there that shoot more polished, more provoking or more passionate work (and I want to reach that level where I can evoke emotion in my viewers - not disgust so much as appreciation or longing or excitement); I am, however, happy with the quality of work we produced given how long I've been at this and how my quality of work had improved.

Without further ado here are two photos, one from each session.


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