Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Whatcha want

I don't support the "do what you want" theory in the extreme. I think you should live a principle-based life but that you should make some personally fulfilling choices in an organic way (where things don't always fit together with 90 degree angles and straight lines). You don't always have to have the answers and no one else needs agree with you.

For me, I get to photograph people who want to sit for me. Last night I photographed two young women who are trying to get into a calendar for a national chain. I've gotten negative comments about the choices I made as a photographer (none as a husband or father yet so you could always be the first if you want to take either of those tacks). As my wife said, "Are you satisfied with the work?" I have to answer Yeah. I like the shots.

In a mostly unrelated story, a guitarist for Korn (or would it be ex-guitarist) has had a religious/spiritual experience and decided to leave Korn news story. (thanks, Jim, for pointing out the correct info on this story)

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