Sunday, August 24, 2003

First night away

Well, Cindee and I did it. We dropped Katie off for our first night away since she's been born (6 months). She spent the night with my Mom while Cindee and I went to Atlanta. We stayed at the Crown Plaza Buckhead and it was both nice and conveniently located. We went out to Stone Mountain to enjoy the laser light show and found out that if you get there late enough admission to the whole park is free. We showed up at 7:30 and no one was in the ticket booths so we just walked in with the rest of the crowd. It seems to be a smallish park (compared with Six Flags or DisneyWorld or even EPCOT) but it offers several historical southern venues such as a sundries store and glassblowing exhibitions. It would be a nice stop for kids to play around and see the area at the bottom of the monument (we didn't make it to the top of the monument due to time restrictions). We got something to eat, sat and people watched and as the sky began to darken (8:30 or so) we made our way to the grassy area to pick our seats and wait for the show to begin. At 9:30 the show started and we enjoyed cute stories set to southern music including such diverse tunes as Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles transitioned into Willie Nelson), RockyTop, The Devil Went Down To Georgia and Sweet Home Alabama.

The next morning, we slept late (a novelty if you've ever had a six month old in the house), went to the mall and ate lunch and then stolled and shopped with the IN crowd. You know, the people who's kids get Lexii and Bemmers (BMW's) for their 16th birthday. We were in Buckhead. Anyway, the 9 West store had a great sale and we picked up some funky sandals for Cindee for next to nothing. I went down to the Wolf Camera where I bought my Canon 10D and looked around at some of Canon's glass (17-40mm L USM is the latest and greatest for digital so I was told) but just couldn't find it in my heart (or bank acount) to drop $800 on a lens.

After shopping we came back home and picked up Katie from Mom's, went home and crashed for the evening as all three of us were tired.

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