Thursday, August 14, 2003

Photography Stuff

OK. So I'm starting into the world of blogging. My first foray will be centered around photography as its my current obsession. I just got a Canon 10D digital camera. 6.3 megapixel SLR. I have a 35-80mm Canon lens and a 70-300mm Quantaray zoom telephoto lens with macro. Quantaray is Wolf Camera's brand that can be produced by any number of suppliers overseas and then rebranded. Neither of these lenses is a great product so I'm thinking about getting my hands on one of the Canon 50mm prime/fixed focal length lenses. It's still not an "L" series lens but at least it is FAST. It is F/1.8 and only for around $60-70. That's a ton of light; just no zoom.

I've joined the Digital Photography Challenge community ( - my stuff). I'd like to take some stock photo shots but who wouldn't. I'm still developing my artistic eye and style. I just found out today that professional photogs working for National Geographic expect to shoot 10,000-30,000 pics per assignment (each article in NG) over a four week period. That's a ton of frames. Someone else shared with my a comment from Ansel Adams that photographer should expect to take about 25,000 frames a year and expect to like about 1 or 2 of those. That might explain it. He was shooting medium format at around $2/picture. I'm shooting digital so I should probably expect to multiple his estimate by 5-10 times and then maybe I can expect to produce something aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable. With this in mind, my wife has agreed to doing without me for one night a week so that I can travel around for either landscape shots or photo sessions with models. I'm trying to build my portfolio and I've already shot 2,000-3,000 shots with the 10D. You can peruse my photos on PBase.

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