Friday, August 15, 2003


OK. I don't want to get off on a rant and I don't have time right now to say much. Lemme just say that trying to work with amateur models is a difficult proposition at best.

I've setup 6 photo shoots and actually made 2 of them. Often I don't get a call until a few hours before (granted once it was a death in the family so that's understandable). This doesn't anger me but it is discouraging to get myself ready for a shoot and then have it postponed or cancelled entirely. The latest episode was when I ran into someone that I thought would make a good model. I asked if she'd ever considered it and she seemed excited and enthusiastic. She even went so far as to allow me to take a few preliminary photos and she signed a model release form. I gave her my contact information and took hers. Sent an e-mail that evening and called back within 48 hours. She still sounded excited and said that she was busy until after the weekend. I gave her an extra couple of days to read the e-mail explaining the difference in my job as a photographer and the job of a model representative as well as the different types of modeling she might want to consider (like casual, elegant, fashion, etc). I explained the difference between fee-based and Time For Prints (TFP) work. She never contacted me but based on her enthusiasm I figured she was just a busy person and knew that she had not only given me her contact info but told me not to call her until after 9:00 when she was off work. I called her a third time and left a message saying that if she was interested to please let me know and if she wasn't that I would appreciate either a phone call or an e-mail response so I would at least know to stop wasting my time and efforts. So does she call . . . nope. But she has her boyfriend call saying she won't be doing any modeling. Now look. It's not a problem if someone doesn't want to model. Heck, I can understand being excited and then changing you mind. What gets me is being excited for a week and then having someone else cancel the appointment.

Well, I still have a few models that have said they want to pose for a sitting for either fee or TFP but we'll see how many of those we're able to get. There's only so many times you can shoot the landscapes and insect macros and the same models before you want to see new faces and new expressions. And as this is just a side job for me, I can't afford to pay for 2 and 3 shoots per week.

Keep your fingers crossed and if you know anyone that would like to pose . . . .

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