Saturday, August 30, 2003

First Saturday of College Football (one of my holy days)

OK. So we didn't plan this very well. We have several couples coming over and none of them are into college football like we are.

I'm sure I'll update this after watching the games that I'm taping today.

Right now (1:00) I'm watching Georgia push around Clemson and West Virginia frustrate Wisconsin. Lemme say, "Georgia looks impressive." They seemed to have already gelled as a team especially on the lines. For the first couple of series they just outperformed Clemson and it looked like Clemson couldn't match up athelete for athelete. By the end of the 1st Qtr Clemson had started using their schemes to cut down on Georgia's sheer atheleticism and slow the Bulldogs' offense. All I know right now is that I don't think I'm gonna enjoy the UT-GA game. I think their defense will confuse Clausen and completely shutdown our running game. I think their offense will drive up and down the field all day long.

I'll get a look at TN (3:00 ESPN2) when I watch the tapes later tonight. I hope they impress the hell outta me but we went up to the Orange-White day and I watched GA's Red-Black scrimmage and from what I've seen so far, I'm ready to beg for some new lines and something to clear Clausen's head. Sometimes he seems to just get in a fog and be the single most confused person in the stadium (remember, that's after having to teach my wife how football is played -- her family is weird, they didn't raise her to enjoy southern college football).

I'll update later; thanks for stopping by.

I still haven't watched the tape as we watched parts of the game with the sound turned down while we had friends over. I saw some short passes and some defense but nothing to write home about. From what I saw we'll have to play above ourselves against both Florida and Georgia to have a decent chance at beating them. The O-line looked pretty solidified based on Cedrick Houston's rushing but then again, we were playing Fresno State.

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