Sunday, June 13, 2004

Another trip to the botanical gardens

Well, since we joined the Gardens as members we decided to take a nice inexpensive trip down to enjoy them again this weekend. We left Sunday after lunch and spent a few hours traveling, a few hours playing and a few hours coming back. All-in-all it was a fun little trip. We got several photos with Katie and the gardens were much less crowded that last weekend. It was also overcast so its wasn't nearly as hot. We pulled out the old reflector for a few shots and man can you tell the difference. It's a real pisser to not have someone to help out with the reflector more often. It's like having the solution for something and not having a way to administer it.

Anyway, here's a shot I took at the gardens. You can click it to go see the other 10 or so photos I worked up in a hurry and posted to my portfolio (new window will open).

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