Monday, June 21, 2004

Giant, blue-assed monkeys are swinging from my ears!!!


OK. So I signed up with CNN's online video service so that I could watch short little news clips anytime I wanted. It worked fine for a few months. Suddenly one day they decided that they needed more control or something so they changed their service. I had to use RealNetwork's RealOne client or some such horseshit. So I download yet another client/interface. Now from that time to this I haven't been able to login and watch anything. I couldn't watch clips of events in Iraq or domestic TV shots or anything. I finally got an e-mail reminding me that I have the service which I, a computer programmer who writes web applications, cannot figure out how to use on my home computer or my work computer (and no, none of the ports are blocked and yes I'd know it if they were). I remember while I'm at work and their Customer Support is still open and not completely inundated. I go online to have the services cancelled. About 10 screens later and 3 different times of having to enter my e-mail address and I finally get a screen that says some shit like "If you really, REALLY want to cancel our supremo service that no one should ever have to do without then call . . . ." Yeah, I wanna cancel the damned service. I call up and get some help desk geek that wants to help me configure my software or check my router settings!!!! HOLY BULLSHIT!!! I want to CANCEL my damned service. Stop charging me. Now for those of you who know me, I actually kept my voice under control and never let on that I was annoyed by anything. I just said that I'd like to cancel it but inside I was screaming CANCEL THE DAMNED ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!

Finally, he realized that he couldn't goad me into anything nor could he dissuade me and several minutes after this ordeal began, I'm no longer a customer of CNN or RealNetwork's newspass crap.


Honesly, I've cancelled porn subscriptions faster and more easily. Why doesn't Congress regulate these "nice and safe" industries so that they can't make it any more of a pain in the ass to cancel a subscription than to say "Big Ol'"?

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