Monday, June 14, 2004

My thoughts about some local jackass

A friend of mine Eric King (blog) started a user group for .NET users here in our hometown of Chattanooga. He's worked diligently to start this group, keep it going and provide the kind of speakers, seminars and books that can be utilized by anyone wanting to further their knowledge and skillset with .NET. Recently he received a reply to one of his humorous blogs wherein he mimed looked at a centerfold in a .NET Framework book. Here's the comment he received:

re: Geek Centerfold.......

What is worse than a bad comedian? Someone who thinks they are a comedian.

I implore you to quit wasting our time with useless meanderings and depictions of a framework fetish. Supply real code, real solutions, and real industry architecture solutions from individuals who do not have a Provident agenda or blinder on.

Since you are not an architect I suggest you step aside and let the real S.A.of Chattanooga lead us.

Now I know Eric doesn't mind disagreement or even criticism of his style of leadership or his decisions regarding the group. I, however, take issue with the slack-jawed, drool-dribblin', moron who posted this. It's not that he/she isn't entitled to his opinion. It is that he chose to not "sack up" and leave his name on this. What's wrong with this no-nuts? Scared that I'd make fun of him? Scared that others don't share his sacred burning love for .NET technology? I'd suggest to this sub-par socialite that he start his own group. Make it in direct competition to CHADNUG. Don't take this personally, step up to the plate. Start a group that doesn't have as much fun and that provides "real code, real solutions and real industy architecture solutions" and let's see how many people want to go to his group instead of CHADNUG. Put your money where your mouth is piss-ant. When you actually start donating your time and money to do enough for a community so that Microsoft actually pays for you to come to Tech-Ed or DevDays then maybe you'll actually be contributing something. It ought to mean something that a group of at least 50 professional programmers comes to each meeting (often as many as 80 show up for the monthly meetings). It should mean something that Microsoft made Eric an MVP because of his contributions to the local INETA group. It should mean something that INETA asked Eric to be on some of its management groups. It should mean something that the vast majority of speakers we have had are published multiple times and many are speakers for Microsoft or INETA events. It should mean something that the majority of speakers have presented their code in VB.NET rather than C# (UnumProvident uses C#, almost all other local businesses use VB.NET so we've tried to find people who intentionally provide code that you can utilize although converting isn't a problem with .NET). If you don't respect any of that then fine. We just have a difference of opinion. What I don't respect about this loser is that (A) he didn't sign his name and (B) he hasn't done anything to help or to make a useful contribution. Each meeting we hand out forms that ask for anonymous comments about what can change. That would be a non-public mechanism by which someone could offer constructive criticism or suggest some changes to the meeting format. This jackass decided to not write anything down about what could be done differently; he wanted to put his smart-ass remarks up on the CHADNUG site so he created a user ("**") just so he could put his opinion out there. Hey, limpdick, start your own group, leave CHADNUG or offer critiques in the format that has been made available since the first meeting. I've called publishers for you, I've setup authors to come in and speak to you, I've worked a helluva lot more than you have to make the meetings useful and Eric has outdone anything I've offered multiple times over. Now its your turn. Get the hell out! Help out the CHADNUG meeting by going off to your little corner of shitsville and start your own dinky little group and have what you think is technically relevant meetings and when you all surpass the members of CHADNUG with your salaries and you know how then we'll all look up to you and say, "Wow! You were right, Jackass, sir."

Until you contribute you need to understand that CHADNUG is not a democracy. It's the work of one guy with a couple of his friends trying to make the meetings fun and the topics relevant and you have been given a voice. You have had opportunity to take up your view of how relevant the material is and how technically useful the speakers are and you have not spoken up. I've seen the sheets that are turned in and the number of suggestions for what could be changed to make the meetings better can be counted with both hands and they would leave one finger left over (guess which one I'm gonna reserve to show you). If you don't like it, leave!

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