Sunday, June 06, 2004


Hmmm, you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and suddenly realized that your residual self-image might not be an accurate depiction of yourself. See, I always walk around knowing that I'm the sexiest, smartest, baddest sonuvabitch that I've met. Women want me and men are amazed by me. I know it and if they don't its only because they're just too damned dumb to realize that their wife is looking at me. It's true. Complete hubris (look it up); but its true. Now sometimes I see myself in a mirror or a photo (like lately) and I realize that perhaps I make it harder for the rest of the world to really notice that I'm carrying one hellacious load of sexy mo-fo in my genes as I've covered it up with just sheer laziness.

I think its time to devote some attention and focus to getting into better shape. Not so those slack-jawed, mindless idiots can see me and say, "Dang!! Who'da thought I'd be intimidated by a 5'10" programmer with interests in photography and fashion?" Naww, I think I'll devote some attention to getting into better shape 'cause my daughter truly does think that I should be able to do anything and before she wises up I'd like to perpetuate that myth for a few more years.

'Course, the sexiness isn't a myth but its something she won't notice. Just something she'll measure all those sappy, pimple-faced goobers against when they ask her to the dance and she'll think, "Damn! Now where are those cool, hip guys like I just know my Daddy was when he was in school?!?"


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