Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Crappy day

Ever had one of those days where you started the day in a good mood but someone else that you have to interact with is in a bad mood. Maybe they've just got a screwed up outlook on life? Doesn't it just piss you off when other people cater to them and try to tell them that its not their fault that they're in a bad mood; the world is to blame or someone else is or something totally out of their control is. Man, I just get tired of hearing excuses and having people want to be "my best friend" and "help me." I just want to say "take care of yourself and I'll take care of me and maybe when you're over feeling sorry for yourself or angry at the world we can do something together."

I woke in a decent mood. My daughter was in a good mood today but apparently some people I have to work with decided that its their opportunity to slack off and have me tell them everything they should do and feel. Its too complicated to explain and I'd have to share things that people trust me with but allow me to say that today is one of those days. I learned in counseling as a teenager that no days are different from any other. Sometimes we choose to focus on bad crap that happens and sometimes we choose to focus on things we appreciate. I guess today is just another opportunity for me to share a different outlook on life with someone but it is wearing when you should be able to depend on someone only to find that they're torpedoing the context of your trust.

Well, I suppose I should refrain from sharing anything. I just wanted to express myself and for this particular problem the blog venue truly seems inadequate as its a more intimate type of communication I think I seek. Honestly its this kind of interaction I desire with another party and since that communication isn't forthcoming I suppose I supplant it with this open forum.

Thanks for the [lack of] therapy; I'll be sure to mail each of you a nice, fat check for $0.01 (please note the sarcasm and don't expect any payment from me; this was only an attempt at humor and not an admission of debt).


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that. Those days suck for sure.