Monday, June 14, 2004

Quick blog 'bout money

OK. So I was sick at the end of last week. While I'm at home I decided to check out my finances online and balance my checkbook. Seemed like a decent thing to do while I was just sitting around. I pull up my account online and BLAMMO!! Someone decided to deduct a few hundred dollars from my account. Hmmm I say to myself. I say, "Self, do you know why this agency decided to deduct that amount of money from my account?!?" Myself replies, "Uhh NO!" (Myself can be quite forceful in discussions, I try to not take it personally). I think back and remember that I used to have a ROTH IRA where this exact amount was taken out of my bank account every month. "Hmmm," says I again, "That seems fishy." I call up the financial consultants that setup that account. I relayed what happened and that they had even billed me for their services and they looked into it. Thankfully the person I spoke with was very kind and understanding and went out of his way to try and restore my sense of "Boy this is a good day; I'm not getting screwed over" which had recently kinda taken a hit as I'm sure you can imagine. Long story short: the agency cut me a check for their charges and the fund is cutting a check to go straight back to my bank so that I get the money back and there will be no tax implications (since I still have my existing ROTH account with them and this has to not be a disbursement).

It appears that no one was at fault and it was simply a computer glitch or something that caused this to start back up more than a year after it had been shutdown but the person at the agency that I spoke with locally handled the situation as well as I ever could have hoped for. He was courteous and understanding and he didn't let this hang, he took care of it in an expeditious manner. I won't mention the agency or the fund but if you ever have opportunity to deal with Jim Graham either for business or personal matters I would highly recommend him as as a consumate professional.

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