Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Communication Crap

Whew! What a day!?!

First off trying to live with someone and communicate can be a righteous pain in the ass (PITA). It can also be fulfilling and make for a bunch of metaphoric pegs upon which you can hang shared experiences and mutually fulfilling decisions. Today started out as one of the former type days. PITA. To the hilt. Doesn't appear to be ending up that way but what a draining way to start the day.

Now on to other connectivity issues. I got to work today and the network decided to just up and die. It crapped itself but GOOD. Couldn't log in, couldn't get e-mail, couldn't get to any network resource. Dudes (and dudettes) it was hosed. Our team decided it was time for a team-building exercise so we hit the local Japanese hibachi grill and whiled away a good hour and fifteen minute lunch. The network had finally been righted and was walking the straight and narrow when we wheeled back into the office and everyone spent a productive afternoon . . . uhhh . . . yeah, that's the ticket. Apparently we had a switch die early this morning and what with all our self-healing, monitor laden hardware that switch was rapidly replaced in less than 4 or 5 hours. Hmmmm, mmmmm. Now that's good uptime. OK. I'm being an ass and I know this'll come back to haunt me on my next project where some extraneous little bit of data knocks my app out for a day or two but its fun to get a free lunch on someone else's dime once every couple of years.

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