Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Forced Vacation

Yesterday I ate a chicken sandwich. I know it isn't the culprit but whoa! Shortly after that lunch I began having stomach problems that forced me to work in shorter shifts so I could . . . make a few trips to take care of some things. (Now this is an attempt at a delicate approach to a normal human activity)

Last night at the user group meeting I actually had to leave about 30 minutes into the meeting because I had gotten much more stricken (for lack of a more visceral description). I got home to find that my baby daughter has some similar symptoms. So today (after an evening that followed the pattern) I'm staying at home. If I had some of my work here I'd actually work from home as (A) I'm at my own "facilities" and (B) I can take a shower whenever I feel the need to remove the (probably mental) feeling of just pure nastiness.

I'm sure you've had something similar occur and its not pleasant nor is it "polite conversation" but as about the only people who read my blog are some co-workers I figured I'd kinda give them the ol' heads up so that whether I came into contact with something and brought it home for my little girl to catch or I caught it from her and carried it to work, those guys wouldn't be totally shocked if they develop anything similar.

On an equally "fun" note, I got to contend with the same issues last night as I had yesterday morning adding up to make just a bunch o junk that filled yesterday. I'm not beyond believing in psychosomatic causes so perhaps my daughter and I were stricken similarly yesterday by our own psyches trying to extricate themselves from a shared situation but I totally doubt that. It's possible but not highly plausible or likely (in one case because of a blunted lack of understanding and in another a disdain for a solution that requires the individual to relinquish his own right to personal responsibility). I'm sure this is about as cryptic a passage as anyone would ever care to read to just as a word of explanation, if you read about me having a bad day yesterday (I think it was my initial blog post) then I'll just say it only got better the later in the day it got and that part had nothing to do with intestinal causes.

Ahhh, when it rains it seems that it pours. Hey, waitaminute. Didn't someone say that it never rains in California? Oh yeah, but man it pours.

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