Friday, June 11, 2004

Favorite Authors

OK. Hopefully this'll be my last blog for the day. I'm starting to get worn out so I think I'll go take a nice, long, scorchingly hot shower and see if I can't start feeling clean and awake again.

Just thought I'd blog a little about some of my favorite authors (I'll probably forget some but what the hey).

William Gibson - futuristic, techno-cyber writer. He coined the term cyberspace. His books are great and his short stories are even better.

Terry Pratchett - author of the DiscWorld series. He is one author that actually makes me laugh out loud. He personifies Death and Christmas (Hogswatch Father) and has a dry wit that I just love. His characters are outstanding and I'd suggest to anyone who grew up in a repressive religious background should read Small Gods. It's a fantastic look at what one deity finds out the hard way.

Madeleine L'Engle - author of the series of books about the Murray kids. Her first book in that series A Wrinkle in Time just aired recently in America as a made-for-TV movie. Some religious references appeared to have been removed or substituted with other mystical references.

Lewis Grizzard - son of the south who wrote deeply politically incorrect books based on his experiences growing up in Newnan Georgia and then going to college, getting jobs as a sports writer and columnist, moving up north (where he rightly hated it) and finally coming home, his dogs, his wives (of which there were several) and how he liked wearing slip-on leather loafers without socks. He passed away entirely too early.

Alexandre Dumas - yeah, the guy who wrote The Three Muskateers. He also wrote more about the four friends and their experiences in other books. He also authored Les Miserable. If you've never read a translation of that book I'd highly recommend at least the first few chapters until the subject has been caught and returned to the priest's home. You can see some insight into human motivation that is absent in anything I've read from modern writers.

Some other notables are:
Terry Brooks
Arthur C Clarke
Michael Stackpole
Piers Anthony
Ray Bradbury
Ernest Hemingway
and numerous other authors from whom I've only read a single book.



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