Wednesday, June 16, 2004

City of Heroes

Well, Eric (blog) talked me into buying City of Heroes yesterday. I played Everquest with him online (I won't link to it 'cause I just hate that damned game; its too involved); that games sucked. I go into City of Heroes expecting that it'll totally suck but because of my boy's generosity I was able to buy the game at a reduced price (hey, what can I say, he wanted someone to play it with him). I install it last night before the Harry Connick Jr concert and played about 2-3 hours. Hmmm, I leveled up pretty fast, the controls are easy to handle and there is absolutely not all that "You MUST Group With Someone" bullcrap that made EverQuest such a PITA (pain in the ass). I was able to take out lower level mobs/npc's and advance my character relatively quickly so that he and I will start out at basically the same level. The game itself is a marvel of configurable options for users. You custom make your hero as well as his or her powers and abilities. The universe in which the game is set is not so terribly harsh as to make me have nightmares worrying about my own family but there are enough just mean people that need an ass-whippin' in the game so my guy has a super-belt that I take off to do +2/+5 damage when I'm spankin' . . . uhh, no, that's not it. My dude's name is Cpt Justice and he's a Tanker. He stands out in front of the group and soaks up the damage that the bad guys/girls throw at him while his teammates lob nasty attacks over his shoulders onto the waiting heads of the "bad" people. All things considered its a fun way to blow a few hours online this month. I doubt that I'll keep on paying for the online connection service for this after the first free month ($14.95 per month). At least its a hoot right now.

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