Thursday, June 17, 2004


OK. So I'm reading Discover today and ran across an article on rogue waves. In that article the author referred to a word I hadn't read before. Perhaps some of you engineers or mathematicians will be familiar with the concept: SOLITON. The definition from is "A pulselike wave that can exist in nonlinear systems, does not obey the superposition principle, and does not disperse." Cool concept if you understand sine and cosines or waves and troughs or even turbulence. I wish I had studied math more. It impresses me how elegantly mathematics can describe the physical world in which we live. From my standpoint I never learned to value studying math and so working with math becomes mundane and boring sometimes but higher mathematics in beneficial for the type of work I perform daily. Analysis, design, patterns. Oh my!

Hope you learned something from this blog today. Maybe just that water is a nonlinear system. Maybe someday I'll look up the surface information on that concept and share it with some links, too.

I really need to get back to writing my 5 part blog on Bible interpretations.

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